The Lunar New Year is a significant occasion for family gatherings, and it is a joyous holiday for everyone. However, there are unfortunate circumstances that some members of our community are facing. To help them overcome their difficulties and have a good holiday, the Calgary Vietnamese Women's Association has decided to donate gift packages to seniors. We would appreciate it if you could lend a hand by donating so we can purchase gift packages.

Here are the donation packages that we offer:

  • $30 will buy a gift package for one senior family
  • $200 will buy gift packages for six senior families
  • $500 will buy gift packages for sixteen senior families
  • $1000 will buy gift packages for thirty-three senior families

*Calgary Vietnamese Women's Association is a non-profit organization registered in Alberta under the Society Act of Alberta. All donations will be used for the right purpose, and they will be audited by an independent accountant.


  • When you make an e-transfer, please provide your name, phone number, and contact information so that we can contact you later.
  • We currently only accept e-transfers via email [email protected]. If you would like to donate or receive information about other ways to donate, please contact us immediately for assistance.
  • All donations are accepted before January 20, 2024.

Furthermore, we offer Donation packages (GOLD, DIAMOND & PLATINUM) with the following benefits. The event mentioned below is Tet celebration event organized On Feb 3, 2024.